Meet Our Contestants: Rocky
This week we would like you to meet the adorable Rocky, another one of our contestants in our pet contest.
Rocky is every inch the curious cat. He is always inspecting his world and loves to explore every closet, box, or basket that comes his way. One of his favorite pastimes is sitting on the window sill and watching the outdoors from a safe place. He also enjoys chasing his friend Yoshi, who is a black-capped conure, as he flies from cage to window sill and back. Yoshi loves to tease Rocky by staying just slightly out of reach!
He considers himself a stealthy cat (though his humans may say otherwise). He loves to hide in baskets but often his ears and eyes peak over the top. He thinks he’s hiding and no one can see him but in reality he’s completely giving his position away!
Rocky’s mom says the following about him: “He waits for my daughter (his favorite human) to come home.  You won’t see him all day until a few moments before she walks in through the door. He sits on his feet like a cat loaf and gives you a look like he owns the world, sometimes squinting and turning his head. Lol!  He’s such a boss!
He needs to be in the room with my daughter but not close enough to let her touch him.  Although he will step all over her and get close to her face.”

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