Family portraits have an important role in building family history. They are a gift you give yourself, your children and generations to come. Charleen’s has a beautiful selection of Framed Collages, Albums, Pre Designed Collections and so much more to choose from.

Beautiful portaits are not expensive… they’re priceless!


Once you have your session date, you will want to start planning everything you will need for it. Be sure to have all your clothes ready and ironed the day prior. If you have small children try not to get stressed or feel rushed, children pick up on our emotions very quickly and can start to feel uneasy about the session if they sense you are.

Don’t try a new hairstyle just for your session; have it cut about a week before your appointment. Fresh, natural makeup as well as “evening” makeup photograph well.

Problems with glasses can lead to extra retouching charges. We can remove normal glare on glasses, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened even with artwork. If your glasses are tinted or exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photographs the eye. In this case, you should ask your optometrist for a pair of plain glass frames to wear for your portrait session.

In a family group, proper clothing coordination is critical. When decorating a home, a major concern is to coordinate the colors and tones of the walls, carpets, drapes, and furniture. Similar coordination is necessary when selecting clothing for a group portrait. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out because the clothing is too light or bright as compared to the rest of the group. Bold stripes, plaids, checks, and prints are visually confusing and do not photograph well.



You know what you want.
Your senior portraits are a big deal. You want to look great, but you also want to have fun. And you don’t want the same old tired boring photos you see over and over in the yearbook. Plus, you want the best possible value for your money. In other words, you want Charleen’s Portrait Studio.

You’ll look better—way better—than any other studio. Guaranteed.
Your portraits from Charleen’s Portrait Studio will be better than you ever imagined, or they will do more to your liking at no extra charge. No hassles, ever!

You’ll have more fun.
Your photographer, Charleen Larkin, is nationally recognized as one of the top senior photographers. Her extreme talents and broad experience in working with seniors will help you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable at your session. If you feel good while you’re being photographed, you’ll look great in your portraits!

You’ll get creative photographs that don’t look like everybody else.
Charleen Larkin will treat you like the unique individual that you are. She listens to your ideas. she asks lots of questions so both you and your parents get exactly what you want. And most importantly, she makes the extra effort to make your senior portraits creatively unique, unlike anybody else.
Choose the styles that fit your personality. Each session style is designed to bring out a different look. Approximately 20–24 images per session assures you lots of choices! Sessions include images created in 2 of your favorite outfits and the photographer’s time but do not include portraits.

Studio $75
Traditional, casual or formal poses in our state-of-the-art camera room. Most seniors choose Studio for one of their sessions.

Outside $75
Simple outdoor backgrounds at our on-site outdoor studio, landscaped specifically for photography.

Combination Studio and Outdoor $125
Get the best of both indoor and outdoors with this session! 90 minutes and you can do up to 4 outfits!

The Extreme $175
On-location action shots of you doing what you do best. Unique, magazine quality images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life! Withing 15 miles of the studio.

The Park $175
Lots of options, including, woods, water and beach scenes in this super-creative session where you’ll get photos nobody else has.

Downtown $175
Do the back alleys and street scenes of downtown Danielson or Putnam. Just a short drive from the studio, Downtown gives an edgy, urban look.


For me, there is nothing more important in my life than my family. My most precious possessions are our family albums that document me and my siblings growing up in the seventies and eighties. At Charleen’s we love creating images that will become as precious to you as my albums are to me. Whether it’s just the two of you, your children, grandchildren or pets, we will capture each family members personality.

Family sessions can be done in the studio, at a special location, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Family Session $74.00
A 45 – 60 minute session for one to seven people. One additional change of clothes $15. Images are ready to view in just a few days. Babies under 2 months of age are priced as a Precious Beginnings New Born Session.

Heirloom Session $124.00
A 90 – 120 minute session for large groups of eight or more people. Images are ready to view in just a few days.



Pregnancy portraits is a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of motherhood. For that reason, we specialize in maternity portraits as a way for you to show your excitement and love to your upcoming daughter or son. While maternity photography can seem intimidating to some women, our friendly, experienced staff are dedicated to making expectant mothers feel and look beautiful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can show off your special glow and joy:

Schedule your session around six moths
It’s about the bump! So come in around 28 – 32 weeks when your bump is noticeable, will stand out in your maternity photos and you are still feeling comfortable.

Bring your family members
Capture the memories by sharing your experience with your significant other, siblings and family members. Additional fees apply.


Baby-Bump Session $124.00
A 90 – 120 minute session for expecting families. Images are ready to view in just a few days. Add a sibling or significant other for $25 or the entire family for $50.



A newborn is only a newborn for an extremely short period of time before monumental changes start to take place. Let us help you share these moments in tender portraits of the newest additional to your family. Charleen has the experience, skill and patience necessary to create heirlooms that can be passed down to your child.

Precious Beginnings $250.00
Amazing images created within the first 12 days of being born. This session is a 2 hour session of just baby. Includes a $150 print credit.

Tippy Toe $210.00
Includes a session at 4, 8 and 12 months, and a 5×7 from each session. Three 30 minute session in one outfit. Schedule a sibling for $25 or the entire family for $50. One additional outfit is per session is $15.

Big Steps $280.00
Includes a session at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, and a 5×7 from each session. Four 30 minute session in one outfit. Schedule a sibling for $25 or the entire family for $50. One additional outfit is per session is $15.


Session Fee $124 includes one outfit and one hour in the studio. $50 per additional outfit and 30 minutes additional time.


Business portraits are a great way to express yourself for any type of advertising purposes whether it be brochures, business cards or on a website. At Charleen’s we can help you make a great first impression and capture the real you that your clients will not forget. Remember, a picture is not just worth a thousand words, it could also be worth thousands of dollars.

Basic $195.00
4-5 poses 1 outfit 1 background
Session Fee – per person, includes head and shoulders only
CD with 1 image – 8×10 300dpi .jpg
Copyright release – for business cards, brochures and website only
$125 per additional full resolution 8×10 300dpi

Deluxe $345.00
8-10 poses 2 outfits 2 backgrounds
Session Fee – per person, includes head & shoulders and 3/4 poses
CD with 2 image – 8×10 300dpi .jpg
Copyright release – for business cards, brochures and website only
$125 per additional full resolution 8×10 300dpi


Being  centrally located in the Quiet Corner allows us the flexibility to offer our services on location at beautiful parks such as Mashmoquet, Harkness Park, Old Orchard Beach, Roger Williams Park, Vineyards, Apple Orchards or downtown locations such as Putnam or Providence. We also have the flexibility to come to you whether it be a location of your choice or right in the comfort of your home.

Per hour $250.00  Tuesday – Friday (Time and Talent) Excludes Holidays

Per Hour $375 – Saturday & Sunday (Time and Talent) Excludes Holidays

Additional print fees apply.


All sessions will be scheduled to come back within a couple of days to view and order their portraits. In this 90-minute session you will comfortably view your images as they are projected to music. Although we will help you choose the best portraits for your package, we strongly recommend that the decision-makers of the family attend this session.

Please note that we do not provide paper proofs or contact sheets. This policy is strongly enforced by Charleen’s.

We do ask and require all portrait sessions to be pre-paid. Due to the nature of our business we schedule our events around your appointment time. If you need to reschedule your session, please call within 48 hours so that we may fill your existing time frame and set you up with another day or time. Sessions that do not call to reschedule and do not show up for their allotted time will loose their session fee.

All of our images are printed on the highest quality Kodak paper with our signature of excellence. Depending on the details of your order, you can expect your finished images within 4 to 8 weeks.

Charleen's Portrait Studio

I believe family portraits have an important role in building family history. They are a gift you give yourself, your children and generations to come. Beautiful portaits are not expensive… they’re priceless!