Meet Our Contestants: Capone

This week we’d like to introduce you to another contestant, Capone.

Capone has been living with his family since he was a 9 week old pup. He is now a handsome boy of 12 years. His family describes him as loyal and lovable .He loves his humans very much, especially his Gramma! He greets his family everyday when they get home and is so happy to see them.

His hobbies include, laying in the sun and going for rides. He also loves to swim however he tends to sink so he wears a life jacket to keep him afloat. He’d swim for hours if he could. His favorite toys include beanie babies, and large rawhide bones which he doesn’t eat, rather he likes to hide them. He also loves to bury himself under his blankets just so he can un-bury himself again!

Capone also had a real life rabbit friend named Peter. Peter was a pet rabbit who had escaped from a neighbor’s house. For 2 years Peter hoped from house to house and was fed by the neighborhood. When Peter would come visit, Capone would never chase him away. Instead, Peter and Capone would walk around the yard together. Capone would often turn to see if Peter was following.

Capone is truly a lovebug. He loves people and has a very gentle soul.



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